New Etsy Styles

As promised I will show unique products which are sold on Etsy. So that there is no need for you to scroll the whole internet to find unique accessories according to the latest trends. Here they are..


Vintage candle holders
Modern version of the brass candle holders. These would look awesome on your Christmas table. The gold gives it a magnificent glow. Price: 34,18 euro Store: cheerfulowl


Vintage Suitcases
These suitcases look really sophisticated when used as a night cabin or just to put a lamp on. With these you create an unique old-style atmosphere in your home. The store RandleAndEighth sells different types of suitcases. The price is around 91,00 euro


Swingy Plank holder
What an unique way of replacing your typical Ikea plank with one hanging on threads. Easy to do and it looks great.


River Jar Vietnam
These unique jars from Vietnam look great in combination with a modern, basic home. They really stand out because of their earthy look and because they are all a bit different, due to the power of the river. You can buy them at Couleur Locale for 39,00 euro


Industrial clock
This metal clock will give an industrial feeling to your home/office. It is really cool because this store named Hoagard makes metal wall art. Also possibility to make custom-made frames. This clock is sold for 40,68 euro.

I hope I have given you some Etsy inspiration. Enjoy your day.


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