Beautiful loneliness

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I want to show you a very special place and give you a peek into a park full of deserted buildings that breathe historical events.

Last week we went with a couple of friends for a picknick at a special ruin just outside Berlin. The former Refugium Beelitz sanatorium it is called and it was built between 1898 and 1930 as a sanatorium for lung diseases. It served as a field hospital during the two world wars and later it became the Sovjet’s major military hospital. It was abandoned with the withdrawal of the Russians in 1994.

2Since then there is a team fighting for the renaissance of these buildings, and transforming the 60 immense buildings into apartments, working spaces and summer houses.

The beauty of these houses is still visible underneath the chaos of broken glass and shattered paint on all the walls. You can not even believe that this was ’just’ a hospital. The architecture would presume it was a house of fortunate families.    xWhen I was walking through these Grand houses, I felt a sudden nostalgic feeling. You could imagine how it must have looked like before the loneliness. I hope they are able to start the restoration soon, before it will disappear in the woods. And that they will bring joy and creativity to new people. Can you imagine yourself living there? There are so many cool ways how you can decorate these buildings, think of a modern style combined with vintage curtains and shimmering chandeliers.

Let’s keep on daydreaming.



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