Lamps, let them shine & glow

As an interior lover I want to help those who make extraordinary things on Etsy. Because I believe they are neglected a lot of times. So today I will introduce some absolutely great lamps to you. When you want to buy these treasures it is easy because I will add the link and price. Enjoy!

The AmsterdamVintage lamp “The Amsterdam” made by Sander from the company FantasticLightning. 

Price: 49,50 euro

Website: Etsy



Hanging rope lamp, Length 5 m diameter 5 cm, custom length possible. Made by wowowart.

Price: 61,39 euro

Link: Etsy



Minimal rustic caged table top lamp. Made by StuartDunbar

Price: 96,52 euro

Link: Etsy



The Manhasset Collection’s Road map is created by applying circular pieces from various road maps and atlases to a round paper lantern. Made by Zipper8Lightning

Price: 65,23 euro

Link: Etsy



Considering the ‘copper trend’ this is a great table lamp. Made by Zapalgo.

You can adjust the lamp in brightness and turn it on/off by touching wherever. They have cool alternatives as well.

Price: 211,80

Link: Etsy

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