Concept Summer in Knokke le Zoute


”I am enjoying my Summer at the Belgium coast and I was so happy to notice that there is a burst of Concept stores in Knokke. I wanted to share this with you, here is a list with information + my impressions. Must go!”


This store wants to be called a Conceptual store, because it is based on a list full of must haves that everyone should enjoy. This store is real eye candy, the atmosphere is absolutely great because it feels you walk around in your dream house. What I love the most is that there are different corners, full of books, clothing and art. There is even an old-fashioned bar. Here they sell the newest trendy drink, called ‘Copperhead Gin’. Only for the look of the bottles you want to buy them. Especially for your own designed bar cart in the livingroom. You can follow them here.

The List & Co
Zeedijk 756
8300 Knokke-Heist
Open all days from 11.00 tot 19.00



When I entered this store it looked so colorful and creative. You see a lot of beautiful handcrafted bags/shoes/bracelets. The brand is founded by Charlotte De Busser in 2012 as an online webshop.

The Just Julia collection carries handmade & fairtrade products made by women and artisans all around the world. For instance the bracelets you see on the picture, are made by woman in Nepal. They only need an hour to make such a technical masterpiece. But when you see the espadrilles you really go crazy, because they are really unique. She has a lot of colors and types of (mint and rose) espadrilles from Spain, take a look at her online store.

Just Julia

Antoine Bréartstraat 19

Knokke- Het Zoute

Open: Mon-Sun 10.30 – 19 PM

STUFF & STORIES by Supertrash –

Are you a big Supertrash fan? And you also want to have unique samples who have never made it in the stores? Then you should absolutely go here, it was a mouthwatering experience for me. The luxury look of Supertrash for affordable prices. And to top it all off they sell Olcay Gulsen wanna have vintage pieces from her own closet. Here you will always find a special item, especially because you can buy them nowhere else. The clothing was used for fashion shoots/shows all over the world. Be glamorous and unique!

Stuff & Stories

Dumourtierlaan 11

Knokke- Het Zoute

Open: for exact hours



An eclectically store full of gadgets from all over the world. The owner Benedikte van Heesewijk combines one of a kind items with vintage pieces. Besides interior she also sells bracelets, rings and bags. For the unique look for your home go here. You can follow them here.

Notabene & Co

Poststraat 22

8301 Duinbergen

Open until 29th of augustus 2014 (Monday – Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM, Wed closed)

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