DIY ”Do it yourself”

You’ve must have heard about DIY, it’s the trend of 2014 to use handcrafted tricks to cheer up your house. Let’s enjoy  some creative ideas, I have put them together for you.


Great how a white Bedroom can suddenly look so different when you put a board behind your bed. And it gets that special character because you’ve made it yourself. Just paint over a wooden panel in a structured way and it will get a great result. The skateboard as you can see is very handy as a shelf as well. Put some plants on it and it looks fantastic. In this example they’ve used a rope to hang the skateboard. This gives the whole look a funny twist.




This is one of the easiest DIY’s, just dip your wooden kitchen slices in some paint and all of a sudden from a ‘boring’ piece of wood it becomes a fun piece to hang in your Kitchen. Important note is to degrease the slices before you paint them.



I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to start doing  things to spice up your home. It doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. Just take your time and let your creativity flow. Enjoy your evening and for questions do not hesitate to contact me.





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