Berlin Vibes


Hello everyone!

As you may know, I have moved to Berlin for already 2 months. And I am really enjoying this unique creative and diverse city. I want to share this with you by giving you some hotspots of Berlin.

At the Auguststrasse you can go gallery hopping. Here you have a lot of cool art galleries, restaurants, coffee bars and even strandbar Mitte. There is a very special building there called the ‘Ehemalige Jüdische Mädchenschule’. This means it was a former Jewish school for girls. Here you can find a really laid-back lunch place/coffee bar called ‘Mogg & Melzer‘. When you go upstairs you will find photography exhibitions about Kate Moss, the Kennedy’s and so on.

IMG_7801     IMG_7802

A few doors down you will find a really special concept store called me Collectors Room Berlin. As you can see they have unique interior designs, like those benches (looks like your old gym class?). I was very happy when I saw ‘Dandlelights’ (see below). Lonneke Gordijn has created this unique interior piece to combine technique with nature. And literally every flake is glued by her on the LED-light.


IMG_7850For entertainment of your Summer days, definitely go to ‘Badeschiff’. It is the most relaxing place in Berlin.  the sight of the pool in the Spree (river) is just beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Next time more interior tips from Berlin.



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