Flower-up your home



Today I want to show you several easy ways to flower-up your home. As you may agree for centuries, flowers have been a way to bring atmosphere to a house/garden etcetera. There are new original ways, you can do yourself to give flowers a new dimension. As you can see above just use a (nice!) piece of tape and tape it against a plate or wall and give it a nice spot in your home. The bottle on the right is made by Nienke Sybrandy, she is an unique artist from the Netherlands. You can buy them at the Recollection in Antwerp (www.therecollection.com). Underneath more inspirational pictures. Have fun and make your hands green!

4 thoughts on “Flower-up your home

  1. Mooie post! Weet je misschien waar de ronde glazen schijven, gevuld met zand en plantje zoals op de foto rechts boven, kunnen gekocht worden?


      1. Sorry, ik heb er (lang) naar gezocht, maar ik kan het helaas niet meer vinden (computer is onlangs gecrasht). Als ik de foto weer vind geef ik het je absoluut door.


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